CNC Cutting/engraving Machine

Plasma/Flame Cutting Machine

plasma/flame cutting machine

Introduction for cutting machine 

Lightweight portable; Economic benefits, the structure and design is contracted. it adopts humanistic positive man-machine conversation and operate easily;

Support two cutting ways of  flame and plasma;

Cutting has high quality, high effect level, high precision; Good Working stability, high frequency interfere effectively  plasma;

Programmable cutting arbitrary shape parts of line and arc;

Dynamic and static graphic display, easy to learn. Can convert CAD file to program file in computer, through USB flash drive transmits to machine to realize cutting all kinds’graphs. And also can program and operate directly on the machine.

Guide rail and operation mechanism adopts unique design, ensure the whole system running accuracy.

English and Chinese interface can free to convert.

 Technical Specifications for cutting mahine

Technical specification
 Model MCNC-1020 MCNC-1225 MCNC1525 MCNC-1530
Power source 220±10%VAC 50/60Hz 220W
Cutting mode O2/C3H8 or C2H2, Plasma available Accordingly
Effective cutting range(mm) 1000×2000 1200×2500 1500×2500 1500X3000
Drived Mode Single Driving by Stepper motor
Control system Shanghai Jiaoda Brand
Arc voltage,capacitance adjustable height 1set    Fastcam device (with dongle)
 is from Australia 1set
Cutting speed(mm/min) 0-4000
Cutting thickness(Flame)(mm) max200 (O2/C3H8 or C2H2)
Move precision ±0.2mm/m
Torch Flame,electric height adjustment(±60mm)
Host weight(kg) 19
Total weight(kg) 110 120 140 160
Emergency stop Yes



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